Top NIT's in India 2024

In India there are 31 NITs till date. NITs ie National Institute of Technology are premier autonomous public technical & research universities under Government of India,Ministry of Education. NITs are run & governed by the National Institutes of Technology, Science Education and Research Act, 2007 & this act declared them as institutions of national importance and lays down their powers, duties, and framework for governance. NITs are the most renowned and top colleges in the country. All the best NITs in India are run by Government of India.The act lists thirty-one NITs. All NITs are autonomous & they are linked to the others through a common council known as the Council of NITSER which oversees their administration and all NITs are funded by the Government of India.
NITs offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes in Engineering, Design, Management, Humanities and other streams. Candidates have to check various details related to the Top NITs in India below.

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NIT Trichy

LOGO 2021 12 17T161029.478

NIT Karnataka

LOGO 2021 12 17T161004.640

NIT Rourkela

LOGO 2021 12 17T161103.585

NIT Warangal

LOGO 2021 12 17T161152.348

NIT Calicut

LOGO 2021 12 17T161233.444

NIT Nagpur

LOGO 2021 12 17T161543.689

NIT Jaipur

LOGO 2021 12 17T161335.674

NIT Kurukshetra

LOGO 2021 12 17T161502.664

NIT Silchar

LOGO 2021 12 17T161433.140

NIT Durgapur

LOGO 2021 12 17T161358.442

NIT Allahabad

LOGO 2021 12 17T162111.918

NIT Jalandhar

LOGO 2021 12 17T161613.560

NIT Surat

LOGO 2021 12 17T161926.673

NIT Meghalaya

LOGO 2021 12 17T161730.169

NIT Bhopal

LOGO 2021 12 17T162011.021

NIT Raipur

LOGO 2021 12 17T161952.906

NIT Agartala

LOGO 2021 12 17T162039.943


LOGO 2021 12 17T162135.720

NIT Jamshedpur

LOGO 2021 12 17T162421.747

NIT Patna

LOGO 2021 12 17T161659.056

NIT Hamirpur

LOGO 2021 12 17T170640.581

NIT Puducherry

LOGO 2021 12 17T170747.050

NIT Manipur

LOGO 2021 12 17T170858.157

NIT Arunachal Pradesh

LOGO 2021 12 17T162832.873

NIT Srinagar

LOGO 2021 12 17T171100.724

NIT Delhi

LOGO 2021 12 17T162540.312

NIT Mizoram

LOGO 2021 12 17T171206.619

NIT Nagaland

LOGO 2021 12 17T162649.282

NIT Sikkim

LOGO 2021 12 17T171314.715

NIT Uttarakhand

LOGO 2021 12 17T171347.765

NIT Andhra Pradesh